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I figure we need to get this community rolling*

So, I thought that this community needed to be updated again, so why not by moi? Um yeah... missing camp a lot. The 8 had a reunion last week, which was totally stellar. Hmmm... not much to say. Oh! Alright, for those of you who don't read the message board, Evan Rosler wrote a totally awesome poem about camp and I think I'll post it, so here it is...

Imagine a world where the sun always shines
and the good times never do end
When you can look left and look to the right
and still see nothing but friends
Imagine a place that's removed from the world
from its terrors, its nightmares, its pain
A place where you wear the same shorts for two months
and nobody thinks you're insane
Imagine a home that's not your real home
but it feels like it is nonetheless
A home with no worries, no troublesome times
A home that's free of distress
We all know of this land up in Copake, New York
Berkshire Hills, a most magical place
And we wish that the love that we feel for another
were shared by the whole human race
But tragically, in times like these
we're reminded that can never be
So for an escape, though a very short one
close your eyes and imagine me
Because my eyes have been closed since September 11th
and I've been thinking of camp memories
knowing you love me and that I love you
Berkshire Hills, you're my family

It is one amazing poem...
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