Sunshine Gangsta (mentallydrangd) wrote in bh_ec,
Sunshine Gangsta

Gold Award Announcement

Hey people! My name's Michelle Katz, and I am a Girl Scout in NY, and I need your help~! I'm doing my Gold Award project (a massive 50-hour ordeal), and it's called the Book-a-thon and it's really awesome. If you have any unwanted children's books (or really any books that people up to 18 might read), or you have unwanted blank cassette tapes or tape recorders that you would like to donate to the cause (basically it's a book drive for the less affluent in a fairly local area, but I would love for the program to spread!), you can contact me at or leave a comment here. If you would like to spread it to your area and/or would like to help organize and run partial drives in your area, that would also be a big help! If you're interested, it's a great community service opportunity and a lot of fun!
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